Meanwhile, on the internet… Cheezburgers.

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The Cheezburger Network is a collection of mainly photo-based sites covering Motivational Posters
officeworkThings going awry
…and, of course, cats

There’s 46 sites in all: Of course, being the internet, the average IQ of posters is in double digits on a good day, but there’s a few gems to be found.

Parents: Be aware that some of the sites may not be suitable for kids.
Kids: Be aware that some of the sites may not be suitable for parents.


Meanwhile, on the internet… Atlas Obscura

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A fascinating collection of some of the more weird and wonderful corners of the planet. For example:

The Gates of Hell
In the hot, expansive Karakum desert in Turkmenistan, near the 350 person village of Derweze, is a hole 328 feet wide that has been on fire, continuously, for 38 years. Known as the Darvaza Gas Crater or the “Gates of Hells” by locals, the crater can be seen glowing for miles around.

The hole is the outcome not of nature but of an industrial accident. In 1971 a Soviet drilling rig accidentally punched into a massive underground natural gas cavern, causing the ground to collapse and the entire drilling rig to fall in. Having punctured a pocket of gas, poisonous fumes began leaking from the hole at an alarming rate. To head off a potential environmental catastrophe, the Soviets set the hole alight. The crater hasn’t stopped burning since.

Oops. Atlas Obscura is full of stuff like this, and the random place button is well worth a few presses.

The Gates of Hell at Atlas Obscura

Rinse and Repeat.

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I was recently asked why I was putting a keyboard into a warm oven. Silly question, I thought, wasn’t it obvious I had just given it a bath?

I was then asked why I had given it a bath, so I patiently explained that it we were out of dishwasher powder. Continue reading

Password on a Post-it.

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Passwords can be troublesome beasties, especially if you have a lot of them. Some you need on a daily basis, such as those you use to log onto a computer or network: Some you only use once in a blue moon, such as the one you use to connect to internet, and probably forgot two days after setting up the connection. Some you will guard with your life, such as the access codes for your Swiss bank account: Others, such as your ICanHasCheezburger log-in aren’t quite as critical. Continue reading

How Deleted is “Deleted”?

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Generally, when you hit delete on a file, you want it gone. Occasionally you change your mind (because you discovered it still contained some important data, or you mis-read the name, or sneezed at the wrong moment) and you can reach for you computers recycle/trash bin and undelete: Otherwise, you probably empty the bin every so often and it’s gone for ever… Continue reading